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Dexter Beef at the village hall

posted 16 Aug 2018, 03:56 by Robert Burch   [ updated 16 Aug 2018, 04:09 ]
Dexter beef demo

Nick Deverell-Smith, chef proprietor at The Churchill Arms, demonstrated how to cook the perfect steak at a packed Paxford Village Hall on 14th August.

The free event was organised by the Midland Dexter Group to showcase the benefits of Dexter beef, both in terms of quality,  flavour and versatility.

A good turnout of Dexter breeders, farmers and Paxford villagers, not only learnt the best way to cook steak, but also had the chance to taste a wide range of dishes featuring Dexter beef, including casseroles, cold cuts and salt beef dishes.

The winning dish, chosen by Nick, won a free meal for two at the award-winning Churchill Arms, Paxford.

Those attending heard from Midland Dexter Group Secretary Malcolm Eykyn how Dexter cattle was first developed in South West  Ireland as a small breed that could be kept by families. It was brought to England in 1882 and almost died out as a breed before numbers gradually increased during the 20th Century due to the efforts of small breeders and Dexter enthusiasts.

Recipes of dishes shared at the meeting

Price list of Dexter beef

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Article by Mark Jessop