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Fibre Broadband update

posted 15 Apr 2016, 00:56 by Robert Burch   [ updated 15 Apr 2016, 01:07 ]
"Superfast" broadband is really here.  The first few homes are now live with it.  After 12 hours of being connected, it is possible to get almost 60 Mb/S download and 20 Mb/S upload in the centre of the village.  This is despite the Fastershire web site continuing to say that they need to dig up Campden High Street although their separate line-checker is up to date. Normally we would expect to see a big sticker on the cabinet opposite the Paxford Exchange saying Fibre is available but it certainly was not there on 14th April.

BT expect the download speed for those near the exchange to be 68-80Mb/S.  Those who live at extreme ends of the village will probably get less than this.  Interestingly, those who do not upgrade to fibre may find their service improves because there is less contention for the existing service as others move to fibre.

You should be able to order from a number of Internet Service Providers.

Please keep me informed of your experiences (good and bad) and I will share them on the website.

Here is feedback from Maralyn:
I have just spent one and a half hours on the telephone to BT regarding the upgrading to BT fibre optics, from my current package.  I was rapidly losing the will to live and eventually complained and was passed to a supervisor!! 

The net result is that my upgrade to BT Infinity1 with unlimited calls will cost me an additional £8 per month, with a promised speed of up to 32mb.  Because of all the hassle I had, BT are sending me the latest HUB5 free of charge.  Apparently the operator I was speaking with was a trainee on her first working day!

You didn't mention the activation charge of £49.  This is apparently a one off charge.  The new contract is for 18months as opposed to my previous 12 month contract.  

I am now going to lie down in a darkened room.................

The £49 activation charge is because she is buying the 32Mb/S BT package.  There is no activation charge on the fastest package but it costs £7 a month more.  Both contract lengths are 18 months.

Update 8th April:
If you live at the extreme end of Paxford, it seems the maximum speed on fibre is about 40 Mb/S so there is no point going for the maximum package.  Interestingly, it seems that by phoning BT, you can get a better price than by signing up on the Internet and they may drop the one off charge.