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Will we ever get mains gas?

posted 4 May 2016, 13:49 by Robert Burch   [ updated 4 May 2016, 14:08 ]
This is the response to an enquiry to Wales and West Utilities Ltd regarding mains gas in Paxford.  Blockley, Chipping Campden and Ebrington have gas but the main from Blockley currently only goes as far as the brickworks.  The reply is very confusing but implies prohibitive costs.  If anyone understands what is being said, please send us a plain English translation and we will post it here.

"Thank you for your email with regards to mains gas to the village of Paxford, Gloucestershire.

At the moment there are no current plans to bring mains gas to Paxford, however if required we can look into issuing a budget quotation for you.

The current regulatory rules dictate that if the location of any dwelling requesting a connection is such that it requires the nearest main to be extended, the customers involved has to pay the total cost of the work.

As you will appreciate the main extension can involve significant costs. The total cost for the main infrastructure will be shared amongst the properties in the area, which will result in a mains contribution (based on 70% of total properties), for a mains extension scheme we require an acceptance/ interest level of 28% in order for the scheme to go ahead.

Please note we rely on the customer to collate information of interested parties however we do advise to do this after receiving a budget quotation, Once interest level is reached we can produce those interested a firm quotation, upon acceptance this scheme will go to our planning department.

If the scheme goes ahead the scheme is open for 20 years or until we reach the penetration level (70%) All customers paying the same mains contribution in that time.

Please confirm if you are interested in receiving a budget quotation, confirming full site address, correspondence address and any contact details."